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Native Shoes

Natives. Natives. Natives. Everywhere you look people are walking around in these adorable holed shoes! I bet you've wondered, "Is that a Crocs sandal, a Converse, maybe a Toms shoe?" Well, you'd be almost correct. Although these wonderful and intriguing shoes have similar silhouettes, their design and style are beautifully unique. Before we encourage you to jump on the Native bandwagon, we'd like for you to learn a little about the company and their shoes.
In 2009, the increasingly popular company started in Vancouver, Canada. Damian Van Zyll De Jong, the founder, began the brand with only three different styles. During an interview with HypeBeast, he stated his inspiration came from his favorite aspects of different shoes, the desire to further footwear boundaries, and absence of shoes with a fresh and clean design.  Within just a few years, the company grew from three styles in Vancouver to over twenty different styles and available in forty-five countries! Check out what makes the simply cute shoes so lovable.
There are many reasons to like a shoe- comfort, support, style- but what makes a shoe exceptional? Environmental friendly. Practicality. Composition. Likability. Availability. When shoes are stylish, comfortable, eco-friendly, and washable, your feet feel happy to be wearing said shoes.
Let your feet be happy in Native shoes. The company takes pride in providing styles that are vegan, hand-washable, water proof, water-resistant, odor-resistant, and so much more. Each shoe has a molded, EVA injected footbed that'll keep your feet feeling fresh without weighing you down. This makes them perfect for any occasion. Seriously! Take your Natives to the pool or beach, on a stroll downtown, through the woods and grass, or even to school on a rainy day. Being water friendly, your pirate or princess can splish and splash in a light-weight shoes rather than a clunky rain galosh. Another spectacularly special quality about Native is how vibrant and different their colors are. Even better, they come in such a variety that you're sure to find a color that works for you and your kiddo.
In store and online we currently offer the Venice, Miller, and Jefferson, and by fall we will offer the Apollo Moc, too! Whatever your taste and preference, we've got a Native for you.
  • Venice: soft SUPERBUCK PU upper, EVA outsole, removable Ortholite foam insole, Vegan, shock absorbent, mondo lite weight, and made of a special blend of future fibers
    • true to size in width and length, must break in before wearing on adventure, super light weight
  • Miller: EVA upper and outsole, insole molded, rubber rand and toe, Vegan, shock absorbent, odor resistant, mondo lite weight, hand-washable
    • wider fitting, true to size in length, not suitable for narrow feet
  • Jefferson: EVA upper and outsole, insole molded, rubber rand and toe, Vegan, shock absorbent, odor resistant, mondo lite weight, hand washable
    • true to size in width and length, not suitable for narrow feet
  • Apollo Moc: brushed fiber perforated upper, elasticated gusset, elastic and toggle single lace, EVA outsole, no-sew at heel and eyelets, built on Apollo Platform, Vegan, shock absorbent, composed of a special blend of future fibers, mondo lite weight
Like any shoe, do not leave your Natives in any hot place such as a hot car or in direct sunlight.
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As always, we eagerly await your business in-store and online. Happy Shopping!


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