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Keen Sandals - a favorite summer shoe

Oh the Keen sandal, one of our favorite warm weather styles! Why do we here at Wagner's Shoes for Kids love them so much? Because they're the water friendly (pool, beach, splash-pad, etc.) cross of an athletic shoe and an airy sandal! Technically, they're sandals, but don't let that fool you. These are the warm weather version of an athletic shoe. Now, the dilemma of "too hot in athletic shoes" or "scraped toes in sandals" has been solved! It's the best of both worlds! No longer should you fear letting your little explorer climb over rocks, hike across mountains, or swim in the lake. His/her toes will be covered and their tiny arches supported!
If your Keen sandal had a middle name, it would be "Versatility" or "Durability."  Your child can wear these with their darling dresses, trendy trousers, or the beachy bathing suits! Ranging from sizes infant 4 to youth 7, kids of all ages can sport these fun shoes. Not only because of the size offerings, but the style, too. Whatever your fashionista's favorite color is, you're sure to find a style that fits for you both because the sandals come in various colors- solids, prints, stripes! Made from rubber and polyester, the Keen is virtually indestructible- even with the wildest child, the Keen lasts the summer. So, moms and dads, let the kiddos play hard and get messy.
Not every foot is the same shape. Luckily, Keen has five styles. Newport H2. Seacamp II. Whisper. Moxie Sandal. and Uneek. All are great, but one style may be better for your or your child's feet. All five styles can be found on this site.
  • Newport H2: wide outsole, thick toe cap, wider foot-bed, deeper inside, velcro strap AND bungee lace, small openings
  • Seacamp II: narrow-er outsole, thin toe cap, more narrow fit, velcro strap AND bungee lace, large openings
  • Whisper: *if one smashed the first two styles together, this is the product* medium foot-bed, medium openings, bungee lace only
  • Moxie Sandal: thin, flexible outsole, more narrow fit, shallow insole, bungee lace, light weight, large openings
  • Uneek: elastic rope uppers, polyester bottom, non-marking sole, fits smaller
Another fantastic quality about our go-to summer shoe, is it's ability to be machine washed. That's right, machine washed! Once the sandals are dirty, toss them into your washing machine. We highly discourage buyers to put Keen sandals in the dryer, though. The vibrant colors do not fade, and nor does the shoe come apart in the wash. (Seriously!) If your washing machine doesn't take out the inevitable odor, try a can of our 10 Seconds spray. I have used this magical spray on my Chaco sandals and UGG boots. No longer to my shoes smell like a football locker room, but of a fresh, neutral aroma. This spray even kills MRSA bacteria!
In conclusion, if you want a durable, stylish, and comfortable shoe for the warm months, a Keen sandal will meet all your needs. You can take them to the beach, pool, adventure park, wherever. Just be wary of the smell!
Click here to shop our collection of Keen sandals! 
As always, we eagerly await your business in-store and online. Happy Shopping!

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