Shoes for Swinter

Transitional Shoes

Shoes for the time of year when it’s kinda warm, but also kinda chilly!


Everyone, especially parents, here in the south have been there. You check the weather to find a high of 68 with a low of 34 – meaning midday it’ll be warm enough for short sleeves, but the morning and night will be cold enough for UGG boots. What’s a parent to do?? Your child can’t head to school in sandals, but he/she also can’t wear the warm winter shoes! Frustration overload.

Here at Wagner’s Shoes for kids, we understand your dilemma and have compiled a list of “transitional shoes” for this time of year. Scroll below to see our personal picks for the changing of the seasons.

Option 1: The Adidas Superstar


With the classic look, cushioned insole, and rubber toe cap, your little girl or boy will love wearing the Adidas Superstar to school or any place you may go! 

Option 2: The Gamefish by Sperry

Gamefish - Dark Tan

Year after year, the Sperry loafer remains a popular favorite with boys of all ages. We love this for winter/spring because the color is great with any outfit, it's lightweight enough to keep you cool, and it's a closed toe so it's season appropriate.

Option 3: The Ace by Keds 

Ace - White

For our private school kiddos, choose the Ace in white leather from Keds. This shoe has a memory foam insole for maximum comfort and is super lightweight. Paired with denim, khaki, or a print, the Ace looks so hip and cute.

Option 4: The Outcross 2


For the kids that prefer lightweight shoes or sandals, try the Outcross 2 from Chaco. With all day long support and intense durability, this shoe is a great fit for school and playtime.

Option 5: The Carta II by Livi & Luca

Carta II - Lime Green 

This Mary Jane from Livie & Luca is SO cute for the changing seasons. Whether she's wearing ruffle pants or jeans, the Carta II will be look so sweet and cute.


As always, we eagerly await your business in-store and online. Happy Shopping!


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