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March 14, 2018

Employee Favorites

After working with many different feet and many different styles of shoes, we tend to have our favorites! Take a look at a few of our picks and see why they’re all the rage. We love these shoes!


Lexi Oliver:

  • Type:
    • Athletic: Marina – Ice and Mint || Tsukihoshi
      • “I love the colors and the fact that this shoe is machine washable. Also, Tsukihoshi produces really durable shoes.”
    • Dress/Casual: Ruche – Pearl White || Livie & Luca
      • “The Ruche has been a favorite since I started working here 4 years ago. In the pearl white it matches everything from jeans to sweet dresses. Plus, the honeycomb sole is super durable”
    • Sandal: Hurricane 3 – Blue Denim || Teva
      • “I actually have a pair of these in the denim color and I wear them all the time when it’s warm. They’re super lightweight and dry really fast if you get them wet.”
    • Women: Warwick – Champagne || Volatile Womens
      • “Volatile never fails to release a comfortable, stylish wedge at an affordable cost. The cushioned lining on the insole allows you to stand for hours and your feet not hate you.”
  • Tip for Parents:
    • “Have your kiddos’ feet measured every 3-4 months and chose shoes that are made for your kids’ foot types. Our staff members are trained to know which shoes are right for different foot types.”


Lucy Pollock:

  • Type:
    • Athletic: 888 – Grey and Navy || New Balance
      • “This athletic is cute and supportive.”
    • Dress/Casual: Ollie – Brown Leather || Sperry
      • “The Ollie is cute and can go with jeans or khakis.”
    • Sandal: Newport – Steel and Glow || Keen
      • “It’s durable, machine washable, cute, and it glows in the dark!!”
    • Women: Brisket – Grey || Volatile Womens
      • “The Brisket is cute and comfortable and will go with any outfit.”
  • Tip for Parents:
    • “Get your kids fitted for properly fitting shoes. Teach your kids to tie their shoes because velcro doesn’t last forever!”

Alissa Beck:

  • Type:
    • Athletic: 574 – Grey and Black || New Balance
      • “It’s cute and you can wear it with a lot.”
    • Dress/Casual: Wally – Taupe Distressed | Footmates
      • “It’s classic and goes with quite a bit. Plus, it’s a great alternative for those guys who like boots.”
    • Sandal: ZX/1 – Diamond Grey || Chaco
      • “It’s versatile shoe that you can wear with any outfit; from jeans to shorts to skirts. I like to wear mine when hiking, kayaking, boating, and even on a walk around town!”
    • Women: Arizona – Mocha || Birkenstock
      • “They’re better for wider feet, and you can wear socks with them when it’s chilly outside!”
  • Tip for Parents:
    • “Bring your kids in to be fitted because not every shoe fits the same.”

Maddie Hudson:

  • Type:
    • Athletic: 680 – Grey and Pink || New Balance
      • The 680 is supportive enough for first walkers and it’s mostly grey with just a hint of pink. That makes it cute.
    • Dress/Casual: Mary Jane Sparkle – Grey || Cienta
      • “I like this one because it’s machine washable and smells like strawberries. Duh.”
    • Sandal: Posey – White || Livie & Luca
      • “This can be worn with a casual outfit or a dressy outfit. And it’s adjustable so no awkward fit.”
    • Women: Brisket – Grey || Volatile Womens
      • “It’s a good on-the-go shoe for busy women.”
  • Tip for Parents:
    • “Never put shoes in the dryer.”

Sam Causey:

  • Type:
    • Athletic: Tanjun – Rose and Navy || Nike
      • “I love this shoe because it is girly, while still being neutral.”
    • Dress/Casual: Gemma – Blue || Livie & Luca
      • “This shoe is sparkly, but not too overwhelming.”
    • Sandal: Hailey – Tan || Mia
      • “The braided straps are a unique touch to a classic sandal.”
    • Women: Brisket – Khaki || Volatile Womens
      • “I like this shoe because it is comfy but can also be dressy.”
  • Tip for Parents:
    • “Make sure it is safe to put your shoes in the washer before washing them because it can damage the shoes severely.”

Betty Bowles:

  • Type:
    • Athletic: 574 – Gray and Black || New Balance
      • “This shoe is stylish and can dress any outfit up.”
    • Dress/Casual: Clarisa – Gold || Conguitos
      • “It’s a metallic take on a classic Spanish look that can be dressed up or down.”
    • Sandal: Sea Wee and Surfer – Navy || Sun San
      • “This sandal is great and matches with almost any little boy’s wardrobe!”
    • Women: Gizeh – Mocha || Birkenstock
      • “These are my personal favorite because they’re so versatile and comfortable! I wear them with almost anything.

Asia McNealy:

  • Type:
    • Athletic: CRZ – Black and White || New Balance
      • “You can wear them with whatever – to class, the park, anywhere.”
    • Dress/Casual: Cheer – White and Ecru || Footmates
      • “They’re a cute classic. I’d put my kid in them!”
    • Sandal: Elysia – Gold and Tan || Volatile Kids
      • “They’re a good neutral for dressy events.”
    • Women: Arizona – Mocha || Birkenstock
      • “It’s versatile and comfortable.”
  • Tip for Parents:
    • “Be open to options. Not every foot type can wear all shoes.”

Audrey Wire:

  • Type:
    • Athletic: Tanjun - Rose and Navy || Nike *IN STORE ONLY*
      • “Good neutral shoe but still cute and girly.”
    • Dress/Casual: Ruche – Champagne || Livie & Luca
      • “These are good for spring because they’re cute and light colored and they can be dressed up or down.”
    • Sandal: Sea Wee & Surfer – Tan || Sun San
      • “They’re cute for boys and girls. Plus, they’re adjustable.”
    • Women: Mayari – Golden Brown || Birkenstock
      • “These are comfy, versatile, and can be dressed down or up…ish.”
  • Tip for Parents:
    • “Children should have their feet measured every 3 – 4 months. You never know when they go through a growth spurt!”


As always, we eagerly await your business in-store and online. Happy Shopping!


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