Gearing Up for Summer Camp

Spring flowers have begun to bloom, the school year is winding down, and registration for summer camp is in full swing. Just like you shouldn't send your kiddo off to school without pencils and notebooks, you shouldn't send him or her to camp without appropriate shoes! When kids are hiking, swimming, running, and playing, they need a shoe that's as supportive and durable as it is functional. Lucky for you, here at Wagner's Shoes for Kids, we've stocked up on the best styles of the best brands for the many adventures and endeavors this summer may bring. Here's a few brands and styles to keep in mind whilst shopping for the perfect summer shoes(s)!
For several reasons, the Keen sandal is one of our yearly summer favorites. Coming in three different styles (Newport H2, Seacamp II, and Whisper), varying in color, and ranging in sizes from infant four to youth seven, it's very likely you will find a Keen that is the right fit for your child's feet. All Keen sandals are machine washable, made of polyester webbing, and have a rubber sole that will withstand any task or terrain on which you take them! In toddler and youth sizes, the sandal will secure with an elastic cord lace and a Velcro strap; the infant sizes will only close with a Velcro strap. These types of closures allow the shoe to be as wide OR as narrow as needed!
A trendier, yet just as functional, option is the Chaco sandal. Why do we love these sandals so much? Three words: comfortable, stylish, and durable. Don't let the fun colored straps fool you, these shoes mean business. The Chaco sandals have great arch support and durability. The rubber sole of the sandal promotes a healthy body alignment with the LUVSEAT platform, and the adjustable straps allow you to easily and quickly slip into or out of them whenever adventure strikes. Another lovable feature is their ability to be machine washed. Pop your Chacos into the washing machine after a long day out swimming in the creek or making mud pies - just keep them out of the dryer!
Our selection of great summer brands doesn't stop there. TevaNativeand Hunter all provide practical summer shoes! Whether you're building sandcastles on the beach or shopping for a perfect dress at the mall, the Rainbow or Sanuk flip flops are sure to keep your feet comfy and withstand the miles! Native is a fairly young brand that makes super fun, trendy, and water friendly shoes. Their all rubber make-up makes the Native shoes perfect for water parks, days under a sprinkler, or trips to the pool! Speaking of water, the Hunter rain boots are an absolute must for overnight summer camps. Kids can freely splash around in a mucky creek without ruining their shoes and pants. Come in the store or scroll through our website to see which brand(s) meet the needs of your family this summer!
One last thought to ponder- smelly shoes. When shoes are worn without socks (like most are during the hot summer months), sweat from the foot seeps into the (usually) rubber sole. The bacteria fester and starts to produce a terrible odor. To combat this, we suggest using Gear Bombs or 10 Seconds spray. We regularly stock both items all summer long. Toss the Gear Bombs ball into a sports bag, closet, or backpack to keep air (and shoes) odor free! The 10 Seconds spray is a shoe saver, seriously. The active ingredients in the solution work together to kill odor causing bacteria and MRSA (staph); it even wipes out mold and mildew. Both the Gear Bombs and 10 Seconds spray are awesome to utilize during the sweaty months.
As always, we eagerly await your business- web or in-store. Happy Shopping

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