Terra Fire 300 R Hand Torch
Terra Fire 300 R Hand Torch
Terra Fire 300 R Hand Torch
Terra Fire 300 R Hand Torch
Terra Fire 300 R Hand Torch
Terra Fire 300 R Hand Torch

Terra Fire 300 R Hand Torch

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The Terra Fire 300 R Hand Torch is the running essential that you didn't know you were missing. From walking your dog at night to running your favorite dark trails, the Terra Fire 300 produces a bright light to lead the way. The grip free design allows you to comfortably carry in either hand with the adjustable hand strap. The built-in whistle allows you to easily alert other runners or to scare off any coyotes that could cross your path.


With up to 40 hours, you have a long lasting light designed to fit comfortably in your hand while you run without having to grip the light.


A 120 DB Alarm is built in to alert or deter any person or critters with an audible tone from over 500 feet. The bright 300+ Lumens light can light your way to keep you safe and the downward projection angle allows you to run while casting light ahead of you.

  • Grip free design with adjustable hand strap fits your hand
  • 120 DB Alarm which is audible from over 500 Feet
  • 40 hours (low), 24 hours (medium), 9 hours (high)
  • Bright light in rain or snow IPX4 Weather resistant
  • ABS 44%, TPE 13.2%, PC 16.4%, Al 4.7%, Cu 2%, Mn 2%, Silicone 2%, Polyester 5.6%, SBR rubber 6.7%
  • LED Front: Cree White LED (300+ Max Lumens)
  • Powered by 2x AA Batteries (not included)
  • Water Resistance: IPX4 - Weather resistant
  • Usage Instructions
  • Lighting Modes: Low - 40 Hours, Med  - 24 Hours, High  - 9 Hours
  • Prop 65 Warning