Deontay Wilder

It is often said that Title Town always brings home the championships, but in the case of Deontay Wilder, Ttown produced a champion. Born October 22,1985, Wilder grew up dominating on the gridiron and court at Tuscaloosa Central High School and began boxing soon after graduation. Wilder trained at Skyy Boxing Club with, now manager, Jay Deas. Fueled with ambition to make his daughter, Naieya, proud and admiration of Muhammad Ali, The Bronze Bomber quickly became one of the greatest boxers of this era. Deontay won the Olympic Trials of 2008 with just 16 matches (breaking the lowest record in history by four) and recieved a bronze medal! In his professional career, Wilder has won 36 matches (as of 10/4/2016), of which 35 were knockouts and the World Heavyweight Title on January 17, 2015. The 6'7" heavyweight champion's athletic achievements are equaled by accomplishments outside the ring. His spare time is spent at the Skyy South Boxing Gym in Coffeeville, Alabama giving back to the younger generation of boxers and fans. Here, kids can train, work-out, and stay mentally and physically fit free of charge and attend camps coached by Deontay himself. Of his merchandise, a portion of the proceeds are sent to the Skyy South Boxing Gym. Enjoy your collectible items of the great Deontay Wilder!

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